This is great Daniel. Thank you for your continued focus on providing World Class Customer

Service by asking the appropriate questions and exceeding the customers expectations. Keep

it up. Thank you.




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Dear Mr. Seward,

This is a letter of highest commendation for Mr. Daniel Brenner. I'm a middle-aged woman with

23 years experience in both commercial and residential construction management, who has

just opened a consulting business that teaches homeowners how to successfully manage their

own projects. This is a service that, based on much searching, I conclude has never been

offered before, which makes marketing the firm very challenging.


Folks don't know that they need to know what I teach, and so they don't search for resources

for this information.


I've talked to lots of people about my business -- other professionals, marketing and

advertising experts -- and even hired a well-known and experienced publicist (I've written a

book and sold it Barnes & Noble and now need to market it), looking for marketing strategies

that will work for me.


Mr. Brenner is so skilled at getting to the bulls-eye of the problem that He even helped me

define what I'd never articulated before. He asked Pertinent questions, and made absolutely

top-notch suggestions about how I could optimize my partnership with


As a result of our conversation, I'm considering paying a fortune to Revise the target pages

and key words that are currently embedded in the web site it took me over a year to design.

It was launched yesterday.


He's really wonderful. Please don't promote him into a position where he won't be helpful

anymore. Just pay him about 3 times what you pay him now, and leave him right where he

is. I'm coming back for more work with Overture as soon as I can get the business up and

running,and will work with nobody else. I wish I'd had Mr. Brenner to advise me a year ago.


Thank you very much for your (his) contribution to the growth of my business.


Susan Solakian

Renovations Consulting