A New Year's resolution was the catalyst that got danielbrenner.com off the ground. The

process began in March of 2003 with the purchase of the domain name. The following month

was spent reviewing countless photography sites and acquiring ideas as to which direction I

wanted to go with my creation.


The greatest challenge of this project was deciding on a format that was user friendly,

aesthetically pleasing and quick to load. After encountering numerous sites with many catchy

bells and whistles, I decided to take more of a minimalist approach. The blood, sweat and tears

started to flow in June of 2003 as I began the tedious process of scanning numerous

photographs and developing the site's layout.


Throughout the summer I dedicated as much time as I could to get the site completed. Except

for a few minor refinements, danielbrenner.com was finished at the beginning of 2004. To be

honest, I don't know exactly when this site will feel complete as there's always new material

I would like to add. Work and a social life tend to get in the way of self imposed projects like these.


Danielbrenner.com site was developed using Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Fireworks.