A very special thanks to the following:


Brona Collins

I've known Brona (www.brona.de) for over 6 years now. In that time this lovely Irish lass

witnessed the creation of www.mrdanielb.com and the new and improved site. The valuable

tips on working with style sheets and her views on some of the aesthetics were priceless.


Scott Finsthwait

A world traveler and an individual who truly lives on the edge. He inspired me to get back

into photography after I took a few years off. When I first met Scott I lived and breathed

photography while he was just learning the fundamentals. Things came full circle and now

the teacher has been instructed by the student.


Alex Parks

A photographic legend in his own time. Alex answered my countless questions about

cameras, film, dark room supplies while retaining the patience of a saint. Thanks for the

remote cable!